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Angels, Horses and Other Worldly Lessons

Angels, Horses and Other Worldly Lessons

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Angels, Horses and Other Worldly Lessons - Part three in a multi-book, illustrated series written for Children ages 8-11, Published July 30th  2009 by Trafford Publishers, Victoria BC, Canada. ISBN 978-1-4251-9153-5

Tina and her friends are back in this third book of the Angels and Horses series with lots of new adventures and plenty of surprising turns. Learning to navigate the Cosmic Lattice and travelling to different dimensions and parallel universes keeps Tina, Chucky and Polly from getting bored at school. They continue to uncover more mysteries of the universe using horses, quantum physics and a bit of magic! The children struggle with a difficult friendship and eventually find ways to get along with the impossible character using strategies they learn ‘off world’.

“…Tina discovers a land of mystery in the workings of the universe, the laws of attraction, the placement of the sciences, and the quantum forces beyond the world. In all these endeavors, Tina embarks on a passionate pursuit to fill the recesses of her childlike wonder with the depths of information available in the wide universe beyond the average school lesson…” Metro Spirit, Augusta, GA.

“… Kimberly Wickham is the first author in the world to simplify the philosophies of the Law of Attraction specifically for the children’s book market…” Female First.co.uk

“… Philosophy for Young Children? ... In her new books (the Angels and Horses series) Wickham entices children to activate parts of their brains that go further than processing logical objective. … Many may question the ability of pre-adolescent children to digest the subjective nature of philosophy. On the contrary, it is at this time when children display a "natural tendency for philosophical thought," as Wickham puts it. Just as the brain at this stage in life is more compliant to absorbing and retaining a foreign language, the same principal applies to philosophy.” American Chronicle

Briscos Cruiser, Kimberly Wickham’s Standardbred retired trotter racehorse. Briscos served as a model for Chucky’s new horse in Angels, Horses and Other Worldly Lessons

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