Angels and Horses

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Angels and Horses - Part one in a multi-book, illustrated series written for Children ages 8-11  Published March 2007 by Trafford Publishers, Victoria BC, Canada
ISBN 1-4251-0215-8

Tina is an adorable little girl who is overwhelmed by feelings of grief, fear and sorrow. Watching helplessly as her mother battles with cancer, Tina turns to her beloved horse, Dancer, for solace. Dancer is a great comfort to Tina during life's more difficult moments, and she lavishes her pet with attention and affection. The barn where Dancer stays has become a sanctuary for Tina. She heads for the barn after visits to the hospital to see her mother, and also after school, where two of her fellow classmates make her life even more difficult. Marly treats Tina with contempt, and Chucky teases her relentlessly. At home, her grandmother's demanding personality only serves to make Tina's situation even worse.

It is because of Tina's difficult experiences that her guardian angel, Marguerite, makes her presence known. Through Marguerite's wisdom, Tina learns the importance of love, hope and forgiveness. As she travels through the universe with Tina, Marguerite reveals relevant secrets from the realm of metaphysics that help the child progress along the path to enlightenment.

~Reading Angels and Horses with my children opened up conversations that allowed us to explore what we believe, and what we create in this world. This is one of those rarest of books that draws you right in, entertains you tremendously, and, ultimately inspires you to be more of who you are. We didn't want it to end!"  ~Deb Busser, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher ~

Photos by Don Jones

Vega Dancer, Kimberly Wickham's Standardbred, retired racehorse. Vega served as a model for the main character, Tina's, beloved horse, Dancer.

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