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Photo by Catskill Images, Jill Ribich

Kimberly Wilder Wickham is the children’s book author of the Angels and Horses series available from her website, Amazon.com and Trafford Publishing. She has been a professional artist for her entire adult life and has over twenty years experience teaching children and adults.

Kimberly spent much of her early life living in Europe. Both her love of horses and art began while living in Italy as a child. Upon returning to the United States at age 18, she began her practice and study of Art. At age 20 she teamed with her mother, Joan Fisher Morell, to create and produce an entire stained glass panorama for a church in upstate New York.  This included eight life-sized depictions of saints as well as a three story A frame facade. She continued to produce commissioned glass pieces for hundreds of private homes, churches and hospitals.

At the same time she was teaching her craft and also began accumulating the education needed to be certified to teach Art by the State of New York. She now has well over 20 years experience teaching young people. Her teaching experience includes Visual and Performing Arts, Gifted and Talented programs, Troubled Youth and even Economics! She holds degrees in Art, Art History, Teaching and a Masters Degree in Humanities.

While on sabbatical, Kimberly began her study of quantum physics (theory, not formulas!) which led to an understanding of how we can create our own reality and have anything we choose in life. She has made it her mission to teach these principles and empower children through her books and workshops.

Kimberly Wickham has continuously been actively engaged in the study and love of animals. She is certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and worked extensively with horses in New York and adopted many along the way!

Currently, Kimberly is on a teaching assignment in Morocco and continues to carry her messages internationally through the instruction of Art.

Photo by Don Jones

Kimberly and one of her horses, Eternal Summer (Cherry)

Kimberly in front of the three story stained glass façade she created for the Sacred Heart Church, Margaretville, NY – at the tender age of 20!

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